How to make your eyelashes longer and thicker?

thicker and longer eyelahses

How to have longer and thicker eyelashes?

Lashes are often considered as one of the important elements of our face beauty. They keep us protected from the elements, and provide protection for our eyes. But when they become thin, brittle, or damaged, they can cause problems. 

Here are a few ways you can restore your lashes’ natural look and feel.

To make your eyelashes longer and thicker:

1. Go for eyelash extension

Eyelash extension is the easiest way to go if you are looking to have longer and thicker lashes fast. You will need to consult the stylist to select a lash that is suitable for your lifestyle and face shape. The stylist will then cleanse your natural lashes to remove dirt and debris before the eyelash extension process. This will make your extensions stay longer.

Then, the stylist will carry out a process called lash mapping. Lash mapping keeps everything clear for the stylist to work with layers of lashes. Lastly, lash isolating follows. It is a process of isolating individual lashes for the stylist to professionally bond the natural lash to the extension, one by one.

You might also be interested in eyelash extension aftercare guide if you choose this method to lengthen and strengthen your lashes.

2. Apply eyelash serum

To apply eyelash serum, use a small amount of serum on your fingertips and gently massage into the upper eyelid area. You might see immediate results as the serum penetrates the lash line and lifts the lashes upward.

For sensitive skin, you can consider Fluff eyelash serum. With pure natural plant formula and organic ingredients, it is specially designed for sensitive skin. This is non-irritating to the eye area. As it is rich in multiple nutrients, it nourishes eyelashes strengthening and lengthening your eyelashes thicker and longer.

3. Basic eyelid exercise

If you notice that your eyes are looking tired or have a heavy lid, performing droopy eye exercises could help improve your appearance. A warm and gentle massage of the eyelids can help nourish and tone them, as well as increase nerve responses and circulation. It can also help prepare the muscles for an intentional exercise.

Although there are no scientific studies on how well this exercise can work, researchers believe that regular exercise can help counteract the effects of muscle deterioration and weakness. This might indirectly help to make your lashes longer and thicker.

4. Clean your lashes regularly

It is very important that you clean your lashes every night. Doing so will help keep them healthy and prevent them from getting damaged. You can also keep them looking their best by eating a healthy diet and avoiding makeup.

Minerals and vitamins are required to grow and shine your hair. If you are not in good health, then you won’t be able to achieve this. To maintain a healthy body, you should eat whole grains and lean carbs. There are also various vitamin supplements that can help with hair growth.

5. Moisturise with aloe vera

One of the easiest ways to strengthen and nourish brittle lashes is by using an old-fashioned remedy: rubbing a small amount of aloe vera on them. This natural product will hydrate and nourish the hair follicles, and it can prevent breakage. The gel of aloe vera is good for both soothing and hydrating.

Need help to have longer and thicker eyelashes?

Your eyes are shaped by your lashes, and they have a big impact on your look. To maintain the best possible appearance, it’s important that you regularly nourish and care for your lashes. There are also multiple ways to grow your lashes and keep them healthy. 

If you’re interested in having thicker and longer lashes, feel free to contact us!

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